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On Karakoram , Chinas Army of , Pakistan has the , the beginning of

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Karakoram and the word is a compound word and QRA qrum originated from the language of Wakhi, which means a rugged fully or in other words means crude accurately and rocky. It is known internationally for its splendor Karakoram giant and majestic and lasting beauties existance.within put enormous and shiny bands of her secrets of dozens of tales of buried secred and fair. In order to meet your desire to explore the Ernst secrets and the magic of the Karakoram region, the magic Hunza Tours only service under this you are in the best case you want to achieve potential. Has been cut through the Karakoram Highway through the mountains higher and stronger than the world to the natural beauty unspoiled. Has opened it to pass through the isolated mountain areas, which has been the backyard of the human cultural over the centuries. This has been described where Highway eighth wonder of the world, beyond any doubt, it is a true miracle of engineering. This highway linking Pakistan with Silk Road to other parts of the northern areas such as Skardu. One of the biggest attractions is the Buddhist sculpture rocks that spread all over the northern regions. See the rapid flow of the Indus River is great. Learn to passengers such as the famous chief, Alexander Marco Polo, the first and Buddhists. Let us take you back in time for in this highway to the sky, which is an unforgettable experience. Located not too far Khunjerab Pass (16000ft), the highest border crossing on the paved roads in the world. This is Pakistan's border with China. This is ideal for planning your visit from April, which marks the start of the spring season when the boom is cover the entire valley with beautiful flowers everywhere. Season lasts until November. This region is not only an attraction for mountain climbers but space is excellent for honeymoon tourists to sightseeing and nature lovers. K2 - Karakoram King Northern mountains of Pakistan has the most beautiful and most powerful on earth. Who seek to heights of five peaks that are over 8000m, to the dozens that over height 7000m, all have one thing in common, they are majestic, mystical and magical, K-2 Karakorams King is the second highest peak in the world at 8611m. Undistinguished name of K-2 does not give an indication of the nature of the majestic and difficult for the summit. The Reinhold Messner, and the climber ascends the first of every 14 of the peaks (260,000 feet) 8000m, it is certain that the prize of being more difficult than the peak. The facts bear no doubt of that in the years that followed the rise of the first, K-2 has a history of charming, and perhaps even more than that Everest. So, the name K-2 When, in 1856, Captain TG Montgomeric British Survey of India and saw this rush, and once from a distance of around 180km (120 miles). Peaks and named according to their height and clear. K-1 (K for Karakoram), k 2, and so on. (The name given Masherbrum K-1, also appeared to be higher than the chogori, or K-2. Karakoram Highway (8 Wonder of the World) Explore the natural beauty. Land for adventure tours, unique, hikking and mountain climbing, safari jeep rock climbing, white water or just relax amid beautiful mountains of the world. A journey along the Karakoram Highway amazing (KKH) Never give a sense of travel experience arepeated. In such a situation is testing for a bit, all the travel experience is rewarding to know the best to the presence of a living miracle. The decline scape changes in almost every kilometer. He announced that the idea of ??building this road was impossible by the world renowned experts in the field of technology and building roads. And describe their applications crazy. Uday in final form on the highway is a modern wonder of the world, a brave achievement by the type of man, a demostration of the enormous self-sacrifice for CONFORT follow-up of objects, through the work of the Panel's report, and perseverance. 900 kilometers in the possible packaging, with the path of an end to China, the National Commission KKH Park; campaign breathtaking scenic photography some mountains 8 in the world in terms of scenery, Nanga Parbar, Haramosh, Rakaposhi, Diran, the height of Ulter, the height of the Golden cathedrals Tupopdan passu, cones passu, Gulmit Tower. Convex double and eight wildlife rare snow leopard, markhor, sheep maracopolo, ibex, yak, urial, and beauty; Shisper peak, and the mountain tribes charm 8 and 8 languages, Hindko, Pushto, Khwer, Kohistani, Shinaki, Balti, Burushaski, Wakhi Kohistani Partridge) . Along a particular highway, and mismerisad travelers travel experience out of this world, in total isolation, and ruggedness, a form of pure natural beauty that does not prevail in any other part on earth. uaint villages and beautiful waterfalls are the attractive features of the bridge drive.Thakot, a joint celebration between Pakistan and China's Army of the project, and lined the beginning of my dream of KKH Havelien of pine trees and beauti fied by terraced fields. Thakot follows from the Indus River is great, with its source in Tibet, is one of the longest river in the world. KKH and the Indus follows the river for a great 310 km from Thakot to the point where the river meets Gilgit, where sheds light on the phenomenon of looking sentence of three systems the greatest mountains on earth any of the Himalayas, karakorams and Hindu Kush. Leaving behind Besham, Kohistan region and Chilas on the entry, and Chien scenari makes a sudden, from the green to the mountains bare and ruggedness, look like a landscape of Tibet and the moon, and free from monsoon rains. Passengers pay tribute in a short prayer in many archaeological sites along the highway in memory of about 900 human lives lost in the construction of the road. To build a highway along the granite mountains and the incredible achievement of engineering. It took Pakistani engineers and chanese 20 years to complete the road. Progress was measured not in miles but in the squares and given the difficulty of terrian, 15000 10000 Pakistani and Chinese worked on the road. Chinese concentrated on the bridge and engineer the Pakistani army on the road. Workers learn to be an expert in rock climbing and belonging. As is well known as KKH highway friendship between China and Pakistan. Make the trip in the mountains of the great bow to one of his greatest achievements of mankind, and opened the KKH for travelers in 1978, and easier for lovers of the mountains. No place in the world travelers can enjoy the sight of the mountains up to more than 8000 meters, while cruising in CONFORT. Along the drive from chilas on the border between Pakistan and China, and some of the most facinating mountains on earth, and pass khunjerab (4733m). Top of the border crossing paved roads on earth. On certain areas of the KKH, the original clips marges the ancient Silk Road with the road to this day. Geologists consider the areas in particular, are interesting. For nature lovers, photographers and writters, KKH National Park is just a wonderland. And 4733m pass khunjerab open to foreigners from 1st May to 30th November to cross the border into China.

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On Karakoram  , Chinas Army of , Pakistan has the , the beginning of

On Karakoram , Chinas Army of , Pakistan has the , the beginning of

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