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BIAFO HISPAR TREK winners by flight and tourism K2 , Valley graceful Day , the glacier in , glacier and impressive

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Hispar bass (or Hispar Los Angeles) (el. m./16 5128, and 824 feet) is a high-altitude, non-technical mountain pass in the Karakoram range in Pakistan. In the corridor, and glaciers Biafo (63 km. Long) and Hispar glacier (49 km) in response to the formation of the crossbar, the longest in the world outside the ice in the polar regions, 100 kilometers in length. Hispar Glacier is how 49 (30 miles) glacier long in the mountains of Karakoram of Northern Areas, Pakistan, which meets at 63 km (39 miles) long Biafo ice in the city of Los Angeles Hispar (bass) at an altitude of 5128 meters (16,824 feet) to create system in the world for the longest period of ice outside the polar regions. This 100 km (62 miles) of highway linking the two kingdoms ice mountains old, Nagar (immediately south of Hunza in the west with Baltistan in the east. The severity of the severe decline in the foothills of the mountains and nature strenuous of the rock jump on Almorinat side, the hills make half of this the way the upper most difficult part of Biafo - Hispar reflect only a day does not Hispar includes walking on the ice Hispar crossing glaciers 4 tributary mainly from the north is the most taxing, high probability crossings nullah can be dangerous .. and points of view than 7,800 meters (25,600 feet) of the peaks and slopes and snow-covered mountains on the south side of the glacier and impressive in particular. River Hispar, a tributary of the River Hunza, and the rise of meltwater from the glacier Biafo Glacier is how 63 (39 miles) glacire long in the mountains of Karakoram in Pakistan's northern region that meet the 49 km (30 miles) long Hispar glacier at an altitude of 5128 meters (16,824 ft) in Los Angeles Hispar (bass) to create a system in the world for the longest period of ice outside the polar regions. This highway of ice connects the two kingdoms mountain of old, Nagar (immediately south of Hunza in the west with Baltistan in the east. And pass is using 51 of the KM 63 Glacier Biafo and all of the glacier Hispar to form a 100 km (62 miles) ice road. Itinerary Greeted the arrival of the winners of the K2 team Islamabad, transfer to hotel Day 01. The same day if u like to see that graceful Valley Mori yo-yo, but I have to pay for this separately. Company arrange everything. Day 02: If the airline is working to fly to Skardu only lead to Chilas we may see by the way a graceful well-Valley fire, Kagan, babusar ETC higher. Overnight at the hotel the next day chilas.then Day campaign across Chilas to Skardu through the Karakorum Highway. Day 03: rest day in Skardu overnight at the hotel shopping Yu Skardu in the market is very short. Day 04: The day off in the early morning to Askoli Skardu by jeep safari takes 6.7 hours. Overnight in camp Askoli LP village there. Day 05: Askoli to Ant. In 6-8 hrs.An easy 2-3 hours on foot from the ground to Askoli Polo Kisar to start after that trip to the other. Day 06: Ant for Mango: (3400 m) in the early morning to let the ant mango after eating breakfast, it takes 4:57 Crevassed area to the top of the hills on the glacier. Day 7: Mango's Baintha (3650m) and this is Day 6: Day of where we have to leave this place for about Baintha.The the first stage is very difficult today because of the glaciers, and the second (1) is normal. Day 8: Baintha It's comfortable in baintha keep enjoying with the rest. Day 9: Baintha to march today Napina through the snowy field, crevassed, by screwing up a safe guard against hidden faults about the intersection of Biafo and glaciers to Simgang Napina, in a camp in the grassy ablation valley with fresh water, and wild flowers. Day 10: Napina's Simgang. This is at a fixed distance on the ice covered by snow on the ring base Sim, closest to Hispar Louisiana today, we get incredible views and we are on our way, the most impressive is the Barak Sosbun and Lake Snow, marking the intersection of Biafo and glaciers Hispar. And given the name snow lake in 1892 by W. Martin Conway the first foreign visitors. This huge basin of snow and ice (about 9.5 km) and flew with granite tops covered with snow, and offers a breathtaking panorama. Day 11: Sigmang Hispar-LaToday for our early start, and climb the hill at a steady pace towards the success and wide. Today we will use our crampons and ice ax and the need to travel roped together to negotiate the central part of Glacier Hispar, where several giant cracks exist. Then a gentle climb to a certain extent equivalent to the top of the corridor with one of the incredible views in the camps, most with stunning views straight down Glacier Hispar to the mountains in the region, Al-Najjar. A large expanse of basin peak ring handsome and great views of the Ghoul is mesmerizing on the Shigar. Day 12: Hispar-La Basa.Today Khani's Khanibasa descending again requires to be roped off the top of the corridor. After about one hour or two of the glacier flat and quickly leave the snow and can rope the United Nations. Trail carries on through the gravel and Almorinat, surrounded with lies - iced to get to the camp we have Khani Basa, situated in the valley of ablation by Khani Basa glacier. Day 13: Khani Basa Jutmal to the day we cross the Khani Basa glacier and get great views of the smooth white marched Kanjut Dome in 7760 AD. There are some awkward Almorinat of the Cross, and several small streams which crossed the best early in the morning as possible before the water ice begins to flow. Our camp is in Jutmal, in the field of protected apartments in the valley of ablation with running water, with shrubs and wild flowers in the surrounding areas. Day 14: Jutmal's Pumari we cross the walls of ice and some cracks along the way to the glacier Yutmaru, a tributary of the existence of Hispar glacie views walked Kanjut, Chish Pumari Chish Kunjang and after some walk from the glaciers Yutmaru. Yutmaru path behind in the wake of a series of pleasant meadows with streams flowing through them. There is a need for water to be filled in the bottles to the lack of water along the way. Day 15: Pumari Dachigan.DAISANGPA's Day After breakfast start journey to cross the critical debris, before we get to the point of convergence for Hispar and glaciers Pumari Chish. Express the glacier in Almorinat and follow the path on the steep west side of the glacier, up in the end we have in the camp Dachigan. Day 16: Dachigan's Valley.This Hispar is a day of easy walking through pastures crossing a number of tables, water and swell considerably once the melting of snow this afternoon has been poured on them. We cross the glacier Kiang and her sharp rise to join the path that leads through the pastures and Daltanas Falolingkish. Crossing several abandoned houses in the village get Hispar, higher than the village of Wadi al-Najjar boom with orchards and terraced fields. Day 17: Valley's Hispar Huru. Resume the journey after breakfast and cross some small housing for up to Huru. Day 18: Huru to eat breakfast Karimabad.After descend in a jeep on a bumpy road for 2 hours until we reach the Karakoram Highway (KKH). Next, we turn to the north and a major campaign on this road for a while until we got to the town of Karimabad on Karakoram Highway. Towering above a green oasis and fertile valley of Hunza are the hills and ice caps one of the giants of Karakoram, Rakaposhi (7788m). In the evening will see a panorama of a group in Duikar. Day 19: Free day in the valley of Huza. Maintain and enjoy in Hunza Valley graceful. Day 20: Hunza Valley Gilgit to leave it to the city of Gilgit Overnight at the hotel. Day 21: Gilgit to Islamabad or drive to Chilas. Islamabad in flight operates otherwise pay to chilas by 12 driving hours, and overnight at the hotel. Day 22: Chilas to Islamabad. Move to Chilas to Islamabad. De briefing the same day the Ministry of Tourism Islamabad office. Day 23: the end of our service.

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BIAFO HISPAR TREK winners by flight and tourism K2  , Valley graceful Day , the glacier in , glacier and impressive

BIAFO HISPAR TREK winners by flight and tourism K2 , Valley graceful Day , the glacier in , glacier and impressive

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